Darwin drone photography and film
Darwin drone photography & film company
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Finally finished my new website for our Darwin drone film and photography company NG Aerial. Check out the website www.ngaerial.com.au. It’s been a long journey of studying to become a certified commercial drone operator, build the website and learn the mechanic of a new industry and equipment. The drone has opened the door to film making once again and to view photography from a wild new perspective. Read more!
NGphotographics, Art photography processing
Art photography workshops
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Very happy on my return from providing a 3 day art photography workshop at Jilamara art centre at Milikapiti on the Tiwi islands. Thanks to Jackie and Seamus for inviting me and the great students Michelle, Collin and Katherine. They spent the 3 days learning lighting setups to successfully photograph paintings, paperworks and 3D artworks. Followed by the processing of the images in Adobe Lightroom to straighten, enhance and format the photographs for use and archiving. Everyone was very engaged and we managed to make it a very hands on workshop by photographing a lot of artwork for Jilamara to immediately use. Thanks guys. Love it out there. Darwin, Northern Terriroty art photography workshops by Nicholas Gouldhurst, NGphotographics. Read more!
Photography Darwin city
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Photographs of Darwin Darwin night photos, Darwin cityscape, night shots of Darwin, Photos of Darwin, Darwin photographs, Aerial shots Darwin, Darwin Northern Territory, Darwin Australia         Read more!
Food & restaurant photography
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Food & restaurant photography Darwin Food photography, food photography tips, lighting for food and restaurant photography, hotel photography, gourmet food, Darwin hotel photographer, photographing for hospitality. During this photoshoot for the recently refurbished Oaks hotel in Darwin I used a consistent lighting setup to give the photos a uniform style. Both with the portraits of staff, table settings and food I used a single Elinchrom flash. Because the restaurant is open to the street there was a reasonable amount of natural light entering the space which made an interesting mix of artificial and natural light. In all the shots I set the exposure of my Canon mark 3 to correctly photograph the subjects. Because there was a strong presence of artificial light the colours were distorted and flat with little contrast. To add some drama to the food & restaurant photography I placed a flash behind the subject with the power turned down to give a strong highlight and throw the shadows forward. It pays to photograph with slight variations to the angle of the camera to get the right amount of back light coming into the camera. To much and the subject is lost in the glare of the flash and to little and the effect is lost. […] Read more!
Event photography
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Event photography Darwin Event photography tips, how to photograph events, types of event photography, camera equipment for event photography. Being a Darwin event photographer has lead me into all sorts of environments and situation that would not be experienced by most photographers. What categorises an event is very broad and as a photography niche can provide a great deal of photography work. Doing event photography in Darwin has taken me to seminars, openings, christmas parties, rallies, workshops, award ceremonies, graduations, fashion shows, social gathering, galleries, ribbon cuttings, expos, educational events, political demonstrations, parties and on and on. The list of events that contract photographers is endless. Because of this event photography is a specialised field, not so much that it is a highly technical photographic field but one where you need to think on your feet. An important thing to remember when photographing events  is, you only get one chance. If you fail to capture the moment or mess up the exposure or framing, the moment has gone. As a Darwin event photographer I want to be well prepared before arriving at the location of the event. I require my clients to provide a brief outlining their requirements and a run sheet of […] Read more!
Aerial photographer Darwin
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Darwin aerial photography NT aerial photography, how to photograph aerial, aerial photographers,industrial photography aerial photographs, mining photography, mining photography Australia, aerial photography tips. This morning at 8am I took off in a helicopter to photograph for Brierty, a Western Australian civil engineering company. We headed south from Darwin to photograph a new suburb under construction on the verge of Palmerston. All the windows were off and the wind blew into the cabin. It was truly beautiful up there. A blue sky and rivers, inlets, mangroves and bushland passing below. After shooting the aerial photographs for Brierty I requested the pilot on our return swing by the 34 billion dollar Impex gas plant under construction in Darwin harbour. As a Darwin aerial photographer I like to be prepared. I always carry 2 Canon 5D mark3 cameras, each with different lenses so I can photograph a wide range of images. On this occasion I used a 300mm lens and a 24-110mm zoom. Because the helicopter can not fly lower than 500m a 300m lens or equivalent is essential to capture detailed close ups and the wide lens to shoot the whole industrial site. As we approached I told the pilot to circle the site twice at about 45 degrees to the perimeter. […] Read more!
Kakadu National Park
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Nature photography Australia, The Northern Territory, Nature photographs, landscape photography, outback Australia   Read more!
Exterior photography
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Darwin exterior photographer Photographing the exteriors of a building can create the most striking image of the series when photographing architecture. It does help to have great architecture to start with but photographing exteriors with a couple of simple tricks can make average buildings look great. As a Darwin exterior photographer the exposure of the image is the key to a successful architecture image. To balance the lit interior of the building with the exterior and the night sky beyond the building is what I work towards. First I go onto the site and turn every single light on inside and outside of the building. It is even worth turning on lights that will not appear in the image because they might cast interesting shadows or highlight a surface of the building. Next I find the angle of the building which looks dramatic and set up my camera on the tripod. Framing is very important but really it’s up to you, if you want to be close and dramatise the building and shoot it very wide or step back to make it appear natural. Generally when composing the image I tend to photograph the building on an angle which gives it both […] Read more!
Photography and graphic design Darwin
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Darwin photographer and graphic designer Here is 4 panels I have designed for a client using my photographs, a simple photoshop filter and Indesign to put it together. Really good fun going out and shooting images based on an idea for the graphic designs. These images will be on buses around Darwin over the next year. Read more!
Photographing art work
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Art photographer Darwin This week I had the pleasure of photographing some truly creative wood work. All found timber that had been meticulously scrubbed back with fine steal wool. The results are truly stunning. The artist told me he likes to leave the timber lying around to look at in passing until the day its incarnation jumps out at him and then he begins to work on it to bring it to life. The crocodile piece I photographed didn’t emerge for many years and it wasn’t until a section of the raw piece of timber was cut off for another project that the croc appeared. Art photographer Darwin   Read more!
How to photograph Art
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Darwin art photographer Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a collection of Aboriginal paintings for a remote Northern Territory Art Centre. The 12 images of the paintings will be used in a children’s book. There will be 3 children’s books. The paintings are on a heavy paper, painted with traditional motives from the community in Arnhem Land. The cross hatching painting style is only found in northern Australia and being societies that believe their ancestors and creators were animals, the motive are commonly of local animals. Being a Darwin art photographer I typically use two 600w flash with umbrellas when photographing 2 dimensional artwork. I set the art work upon an easel facing the camera with a white background trying to position the painting as vertical as possible to avoid any tilting which causes dimensional warping of the image. The position of the flash is very important for two reasons. 1: to avoid reflections on the surface of the painting and 2: to cast an even light across the surface of the painting. To produce an even fall of light on the art piece I position the lights at exactly 45 degrees to either side of the painting Once the lights are in position I […] Read more!
Interior Photography
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Darwin interior photographer Photographing interiors is a difficult assignment. Its tricky to retain atmosphere without over lighting the space and rendering the image flat. My ambitions are to create an image that looks natural and believable. I meter the room first with all the lights of in the room, put my camera on a tripod and frame the shot. Once I’m set up I look at lighting the room. It’s important to have a really good look at the space and pick out the dark spots. I put some fill light in the dark areas and a hard light coming back into the room through a window or door to create depth and shadows. If the flash coming in from the exterior of the room falls across an object which is a central piece to the room all the better. Be wary not to add to much light (flash) as it is very important to preserve the light in the room whether they are downlights, lamps or strip lighting in the kitchen. The exterior light coming back into the room adds so much more dimension and atmosphere. Its a simple trick but if you place the light so it falls […] Read more!
Food photography
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Darwin food photographer A couple of nice food shots from a photoshoot at a fancy Bali resort called Como Shambala. I was using a 6×7 film camera and you can really see the difference in the density of colour and depth of the image. All natural light with a bounce in front of the camera to send the light falling on the back of the food to the front to lighten the shadows. Shot on f4 for a shallow depth of field.   Read more!
Studio portraiture with graded background
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Darwin studio photographer Shooting senior staff portraits for a national Environmental Engineering company, Douglas Partners introduced me to a simple but effective photoshop technique that creates a stylised corporate image. As Douglas Partners operate nationally their brief was to make the local portraits match those of other states. The lighting needed to be non dramatic but the background needed to be doctored. Open the portrait in Photoshop and create a new layer. Click on the Burn tool and set the Range to highlights and the Exposure to 15. Work from the edges inward to darken the white background.  The great thing is if you don’t mange to create a graded background the first time you can delete the layer and start again. Read more!