Photography | Workshops | Film


I am Darwin based with 25 years experience in the media industry. My practice is arts based. I thrive on empowering others by showing them how to create their own digital media.


Marketing Media Education



Professional onsite photography for publications, documentation, digital content, and marketing & media.

Specializing in the photography of artworks, artists, staff, galleries and culture & country.

Drone photography and film.



Professional digital video that captures the essence of culture & country through the interweaving of story, artists, the creative process, artworks and music & sound

I work alongside community and clients to share skills and create unique visual content

A specialist in short digital films for media and marketing, website and documentation.

Utilizing high-end cameras and drone equipment



Photographing Art

A three day workshop in the professional photography of art and processing of images for archiving, online shops and marketing material. 

Workshop key content

  • Studio setup for photography

  • Studio lighting and camera settings

  • Photographing 2D & 3D art works

  • Software training (Photoshop & Lightroom)

  • Photo processing

  • Archiving of images

Multi-media video production

Four-day hands on workshop in digital filmmaking

An experimental education program through the production of videos

Workshop key content

  • Pre-production and planning

  • Cameras, phones & sound equipment

  • Filming sound and lighting

  • Software training (Final cut pro)

  • Editing video footage and sound

  • Application for digital video