Corporate portraits. How to photograph groups.

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Group photography

I have always found group photography a headache because of shadows, blinking and people being obscured in the crowd. The ideal scenario is to photograph groups in the shade outside staggered up steps. The problem being this is seldom possible. Here is a couple of photography tips that I have discovered over time.

When setting up to photograph corporate groups, using multiple flash with varied output to create a dynamic shot, shadows and highlights is not possible because shadows will be cast from one person to the next. The compromise solution is to use two flash with an even exposure. Have the lights high on their stands and facing the front of the group. It doesn’t create the most dynamic corporate photography but it avoids disastrous shadows crossing peoples’ faces.

It is wise to stagger the height of the group, shortest at the front or have some people sitting, and take a stepladder to shoot down on the group so no one is obscured at the back. I always take as many photographs as possible to increase my chances, that no one is blinking or making a peculiar expression.

This type of flash setup will produce a rather flat image I use the slowest possible shutter speed to capture some of the rooms ambient light. This will add some colour and create a little shadow.

Corporate Group Shot - Lighting Design

Corporate Group Shot - Lighting Design

  • Stagger the height of the group (shortest at the front)

  • Be aware of what the shadows are obscuring

  • Take lots of photographs

  • Use a slower shutter speed

  • A 70mm lense is best